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Lookers - Who Else?

Entertainment Cyprus - The Crew

This o­nline guide is provided to assist you in your decision making regarding your entertainment choices. From pubs to clubs, cafes to restaurants, including reviews and interviews we aim to provide an up to date service that is unrivalled.

We also welcome your comments o­n your stay in sunny Cyprus and yes we will post the bad reviews as well so that you too can guide other holiday makers with your own true experiences as opposed to the customary method that involves the obligatory “great review” for a current advertiser. We want it REAL.

Keep checking in for the latest information, if you need info o­n something that is not featured here let us know and we will endevour to bring it to you.

In the meantime……have fun.

Auntie Aggie's Crystal Ball

Coming Soon

Auntie Aggie's Crystal Ball

Well - not entirely Auntie Aggie but something a tad more practical - although at the end of the day our Aggie's pretty cool at tarot too.

We prefer a smidgen of research, an ear to the ground and a few hot sources we tend to keep to ourselves. We talk to the right people and share what you need to know about what is coming up on the Island of Love....or at least a damn good time >:-)

If you are staging a venue of any sort and want to publicize it on ECy, drop us an e-mail. If it sounds good - Its in!

Alternatively you could check out the tea leaves least that way you get a drink out of it which is more than anyone ever got out of our Aggie.

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Motormouth or What?
ECy is the place where the Lookers crew live and have their being - and since neither of them can look at a keyboard without their fingers twitching once in a while the addiction is too much to resist

Just a thought

I feel the NEED....

When we see or hear somthing of interest, funny, downright evil or otherwise interesting - this is where it goes.

The stuff we can't repeat you need to e-mail us and ask about!

The grey area in the middle is generally the most fun....

Also on this Site...
Chilling in Xylofagu
(Read: 2947 times)

A few words from Ceri in said village about a band in that neck of the woods - we hear they are good and we welcome the review :-)

[Read More] 180 more words - 1 page

The Downside of a Holiday Abroad
(Read: 3057 times)

It’s been a sad season for a few of us this year – just one fatal accident is too many, and we find ourselves well over the limit.

[Read More] 466 more words - 1 page

More Than Just a Pit Stop?
(Read: 2769 times)

The Stamna Taverna gave me food for thought.
Some venues are essentially an up-market MacDonald’s - the staff read the orders on the package, slam it into the microwave for as long as it takes and then plonk it on the table with a smile in the hope of getting a bigger tip.

[Read More] 850 more words - 1 page

Kartanas Restaurant – Chewing it Over.
(Read: 2912 times)

Kartanas restaurant, or rather restaurants, are in Pernera, next to Protaras that we all know and love, on the road down to the beach that passes New Wave Tattoo (review forthcoming). It’s a great place to sit and watch the waves in the winter.

[Read More] 457 more words - 1 page

Reach out and touch someone – and probably miss!
(Read: 2906 times)

On this sunny and reasonably tech savvy island, the major telecommunications providers are Cytanet and MTN (and no, I don’t know what that stands for). MTN used to be called Areeba, which reminded me of the old Speedy Gonzalez and Sylvester the cat cartoons.

[Read More] 957 more words - 1 page

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