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Australian Asian Gardens

Sly Gets Culture
My new phone blasted me back to life around 05:00; the crew had given it to me as a parting present.
It was bulky, and surprisingly heavy - serious art geeko.
I must have looked surprised when I got it.

Art Geeko

“Reduced EM output - less susceptible to interception.” Webz had explained, as if every home should have o­ne.
I thought he was joking but I was the only one smiling.
I fumbled the handset up out of its rest.

"The cafeteria of the cultural centre in Derenia. Fifteen minutes”
I didn’t need telling twice.

It was a warm night. Famagusta looked close enough to touch.

I made a point of looping around the parking before stopping close to the building. No o­ne was around.

The few parked cars I saw were empty, o­ne was a cherry red sports with a broad white stripe.
I strolled past the fountain to the sitting area, everything was closed and the chairs were gone - o­n the table in the middle of the walled, paved area was a CD jewel case, slightly open and propped up o­n its side.

Away behind me a powerful engine blared and in an instant was past me and gone.  No need to rush – if it was the red rocketship I’d have needed a helicopter to catch it anyway.
Back at the keyboard, I fired up the PC and opened the Word document I found o­n the disc. The notes were lucid and complete – I just had to work them together.

Black and White, Castle and Boogies.

All visited within the last ten days.

Some general ideas about the scene today - it’s quieter than it was, with more clubs competing for less traffic and this is all to the good. Getting the punters in requires that you offer more than the competition; it’s a challenge that the owners have to respond to if they want to stay in the game.
Let’s look at how these three do it.

Black and White – Black to its friends. This was my top club of the evening.
It’s not the cheapest by any means, but the quality of the sound system and the surroundings show where at least some of the cash is going.
I love the chill-out area here, fully equipped with its own bar and facilities where you can relax in peace until you are ready to face the music o­ne more time. Or if you want to talk, you can without yelling in peoples ears.
The best chat-up line is wasted when you have to scream it at 500 decibels past the pain threshold.
The atmosphere was good, and watched over calm and professional security. I hear some of the security crew are imported from Nicosia – not exactly a million miles but it shows the management are after security rather than just a few steroid – enhanced, tough-looking locals from the gyms around Ayia Napa.
(In fairness, this applied to all three of the clubs I saw this trip.)
Trouble is rare. The area has parking and if you are an RnB fan, visit Black and enjoy your evening

Castle Club.
A castle-like façade for a club divided into arenas for differing musical styles.
Most likely, you will find something to keep you happy somewhere.
Sound quality varied from arena to arena, but if we score Black 8 o­n ten, Castle scores 6 to 7.
I’m very picky about my audio and I make no excuses.
The prices were lower here, atmosphere good and security effective and discrete – although again I saw no trouble here. Just a good-looking bunch having fun with diverse musical styles.

Moving o­n, down the road to Protaras.

Recently refurbished from the ground, or rather the floor upwards at no little expense with more than a little psychedelic in the finished result.
Remarkable décor – better than before but I have to say I liked the atmosphere of the original. That’s not intended as a criticism, at least not yet, it’s like an old friend with a new hairdo. Just give me time to get used to it and then I’ll tell you how I feel.

Very fast service at the bar – generally good prices too tho’ I was surprised to be hit CyP 2.00 for a bottle of water. Next time I’ll stay with beer or shots.
Clientele a good bunch and parking easy – best of this selection.

Not much in the way of PRs outside I noticed and that surprised me.
The club has a kind of “family” feel and I saw punters of all ages having a good time.
So then - three good products – quality, diversity and environment.

Take your pick.


File menu – send to e-mail recipient – gone.

Back to watching the phone.

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