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Lookers - Who Else?

Ethnic Sly
Maybe I was getting a feel for this stuff – I was awake before the phone actually rang this time.

Ethnic Sly


The Lòókers midnight migraine machine o­nly had time to burble o­nce and I was on it.

It's not that the phone is excessive or anything, but more than two rings and the neighbors start complaining when the plaster flakes off their ceilings.

“Yep.” I said.

“In Cyprus it's ‘neh’”

“Look, its way too early.”

“Maybe so – I just spent my evening being seriously Hellenic and I'm in Cypriot mode. With this in mind, see you at Ayia Theckla – the cave, not the church.”

“See you…we get to meet this time?”

“I’ll see you, you don’t see me.”

“OK. I’m moving now.”

“Good man. Bring a flashlight”

“For signaling?”

“If you like, yes……but mostly because it’s four a.m. and it’s dark there. Yia.”

Ayia Theckla’s cave is near the Waterworld Waterpark, close to the sea.

She must have fallen asleep at nights listening to the waves.

I shone my flashlight around the small cave, but I saw nothing out of place.

Icons and candles - offerings from the faithful.

As I worked my way back up the path towards the small church, I saw a light. It was the courtesy light from a car.


The drivers door was open just enough for the switch to operate the light and the CD case was propped up o­n the co-driver’s seat.


Many of our clubs and pubs are orientated towards the tourist industry, themed for European consumers rather than the locals. Many – but not all.

I thought to drift into a couple of venues favoured by the locals although still accessible to the canny tourist who fancies a touch of local club culture.

The Bikini Bar and -2 (Minus Two alias “Blin Thio”) following the ten day rule.

The Bikini Bar in Protaras is basically an open air bar right o­n the beach; find it about 50m past Boogies and turn left. Effectively a club that is all “chill-out” area, wooden benches, umbrellas, the sea o­n your doorstep and good prices.

It boasts a DJ who knew what he was doing, although the musical styles were rather mixed for my tastes and the sound system kind of shaky.

To be fair, an open air venue is tougher to control acoustically.

The bar was busy and plenty was going o­n, although it lacked the high-pressure “pumped” feeling that some a really busy club has. Things are more laid back here and this I liked.

It’s a good alternative to the “club scene” per se although o­nce in a while they throw parties that are – I hear - all that the most rabid clubber could hope for.

Prices are good, no obvious trouble, good environment.

-2 (Blin Thio) is attached to the Gresham Park Hotel, this underground venue is free to residents and open to Joe Public after 03:00.

It’s down a couple of flights of stairs and – after the Bikini Bar – a touch claustrophobic. But its still a venue with an island-wide reputation.

You even need to make a reservation to get in here – at least officially.

This is a seriously quality venue, with prices to match! But you are paying for genuine drinks, a great DJ mixing European, US and local musical styles with a crack sound system. The air conditioning here is good, (dance for a couple of hours in steamy Cyprus and tell me that good A/C isn’t a critical consideration!), the venue clean and sophisticated and the staff professional.

I was curious about fire exits as there seemed to be o­nly o­ne way in or out, but based o­n the many and various signs dotted around the place, this is not the case.

Despite the venue’s unusual geography, safety has been carefully considered.

So – whatever end of the ethnic market you have in mind, check it out, endaxi;

Thats "okay?" to you :-)

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