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Dave Rawson - Comedy Hypnotist
A little while ago we received an email from o­ne Mr Dave Rawson.
Now I didn't know the name, but it turns out he has been voted Ibiza's No.1 comedy hypnotist for the last 8 years....

Dave Rawson

Dave Rawson

He seems a really nice guy too (based o­n what you can learn from a few emails of course).
Anyway, he sent us a DVD of o­ne of his shows...and I for o­ne admire him for that as he must have seen from our reviews that we take no prisoners, especially after he told me that he trained Jay C and of course that review is o­n the site for all to see.

With that in mind the crew settled down to watch the DVD with some trepidation - although you cannot, of course, hold Dave responsible for the quality of someone else's show even if he did train them.
So what did the crew think?
Well it was a mixed reaction so in keeping with our policy here goes;

The general opinion was that the actual product was well shot and edited, better than any we've seen here but....there were a few sighs of Dull.
Now I wish to take that opinion to task, the crew are all entitled to their opinion of course and usually we are in complete agreement, this time there were some small differences but with reason so let me explain.

Dave's DVD is truly a "Family Show" and that is why I believe some felt it a little less than lively, I challenge you to look at any of the shows here, strip out the bits that we should not really be pushing to kids (although we do), and then see how hilarious whatever act would be. For a fact they would be considerably "duller" than they are, so my opinion is that taking into account the type of show, this was excellent.
Dave is a hard working performer who simply does not stop trying to entertain, obviously very experienced and very professional. Yes I've seen funnier, but not in that family context, what we get away with here is not what Dave's show is about and actually he's got it right IMHO.

We claim to perform "family acts" but really we know that we are playing to the adults and justify it by saying "the kids won't understand and if they do then we haven't offended them" Dave was careful to avoid anybody swearing let alone allowing anything too risque, all in all I have to say it was o­ne of the most professional performances I have seen even if it did not have the adult humour I am used to.

On a final note,Dave it was good to see Jay C's act done properly (sorry I just couldn't resist it, I tried honest but....:) )

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