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Australian Asian Gardens

Water World Waterpark
Your hear lots of rumours about places, how expensive they are, it's not like the adverts etc etc, so when we decided to review it I didnt want to go so I packed off two adults and six kids to do the job for me - and I've got to say I missed out big time!!!!



They could not have been more impressed, apparently it compares favourably with some of the theme parks in the UK like Thorpe Park for example.

Let's start with the entrance fee, Adults £16, Children between 3 and 12 years £8 and children under 3 years old go in free - with group discounts available but you need to phone for deatails.

Yes if you have a large family it's not cheap but then what is when you have kids? The park caters for all tastes from the minor thrill seeker to the adrenaline junkies - just try the Kamikaze slide to the sunbather or the "by the pool lounger".

One of the older boys was on one of the slides (sorry he couldnt remember what it was called) and he told me I was just thinking this is a bit boring when suddenly I was dropping like a stone, completely unexpected and what a rush" I can tell you this boy did his first bungy jump at aged 10 and again at the same age had done nine Sling Shots so it had to a real thrill for him to be impressed.

Add to all this a wave machine and lots of other things for the younger kids to tackle - for example crossing a spread of water by jumping onto features or not in which case you get wet but then it is a waterpark.

There are a number of different slides catering for all levels of thrills and of course food and drink is available at a reasonable cost.

All in all it was given a resounding thumbs up by each and every one of the eight people we sent there.

I have to add the park did not know we were reviewing them so we got no special treatment as is out policy. (Standard ECy policy)

The only one negative is that you are not allowed to take your own food or drink into the park but that aside if you want a great day out head on down to the Waterpark in Ayia Napa, for entrance details give them a call on 23724444.

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