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Your views

We will be posting details of an email we have received where we have been accused of being biased against certain acts, we will take the unsual step of posting the entire email apart from the bar name as this persons view does may not represent the owners opinion and after all he is just the presenter there not the owner. We totally refute such allegations and would welcome your opinions as to the posting and our replies which will post in full.

Before posting this email we would like to point out that we have very clearly stated in the section on "contributing" that editorial control is ours and no we will not post blatant adverts, a review yes an advert no. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but we take exception to unfounded accusations which are leveled without any basis or indeed without actually pointing out who we are biased against! We believe the postings will speak for themselves and we welcome your opinions. Article Manager module by by George! Software.