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Automotive Cyprus

The Downside of a Holiday Abroad
It’s been a sad season for a few of us this year – just one fatal accident is too many, and we find ourselves well over the limit.

Little crosses by the side of the road and dried-up bunches of flowers wrapped around dented lampposts are reminders of holidays that finished far from happily, and lives that finished far too soon and far from home.
In all the fun of the moment, we need to keep track of a few basic facts – no one wants to be a bore about this but being pulled out of the asphalt in front of your next of kin is far less of a blast than you might expect – especially for them.  You probably don’t care any more.
We locals cannot claim to be perfect, and if we try you have every right to laugh like hell, but the worse we are - the more careful you need to be.

Remember that you are driving or riding an unfamiliar rental machine on roads that are new to you. 
Back home you might well be able to take your car in and out of the cracks in the pavement with one hand on the wheel, but here you lack the familiarity with the local geography that you have at home.  Likewise I can find the drinks holder in my ride without looking for it, and I can select “drive” in my sleep and frequently do.
But stick me in another car – different model or different make – and that is all gone.  Stick me in another town and I’ll be worse. 
Now take me out of my car and stick me on a bike for the first time in however many years then go figure how less competent a driver I am than when I am at home.

All things considered with the summertime roads full of struggling and bewildered tourists and their on-loan vehicles, it’s a miracle anyone gets home.  And if you are driving under the proverbial influence as well….don’t even ask.

The whole issue is this - just recognise a problem exists, good people, just be aware. 
Respect that a few hours practice in your hire car is time well spent.  Wear a helmet because the roads in Cyprus are just as hard as the ones at home and lampposts and walls are no softer because you are only visiting.
I want you to have a major blast during your stay here – I want you to be dragged onto the plane screaming “I don’t wanna GO!” because you loved it so much and may your suntan last until next year when we get to see you again.

I don’t want you travelling in a hermetically sealed aluminium box as that is the only way your family could get you back through customs.

All the Best


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