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Rockafellas Saturday 4 June 09
Meatloaf tribute

Meatloaf Tribute

Now I don't know what it is with this obsession for tribute acts but surely a tribute act should at least look and sound like the original artist.
I know they claim that a impersonator and a tribute artist is not the same thing, but if you want to be a Robbie Williams impersonator but you can't do the voice - do you just push on anyway and call it a tribute act?
In this case it's almost as if this person was a karaoke presenter without enough work and someone has decided "I know he can do a Meatloaf tribute"
All well and good, but and it is a big but(t) (go see him to understand this gag) if you will pardon the pun especially regarding Meatloaf, if you dont look like the original and you dont sound like the original you aint a tribute!
This was nothing more than a karaoke singer performing some of Meatloaf's hits. That said the crowd seemed to enjoy it. The songs were performed well enough but hey can we get away from this tribute...... nonsense! (Our profanity filter blocked what I originally wrote - sorry :-) ) Article Manager module by by George! Software.