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Lookers - Who Else?

Square Pub sunday 5th June 09
JC "The Hypnotizer"


Well - what we did with this review is send two members of the public not associated with EntertainmentCyprus so as to have a totally unbiased opinion of this act and guess what? Did it make a difference to the outcome? Did it hell as like!

Both commented that "The Hypnotizer" was both rude and arrogant throughout his act, likewise both commented that he swore continually thoughout his act, something we had already pointed out and were accused of bias for. Sorry - but we strongly believe that this is totally unprofessional behaviour, it is of course impossible to control what a volunteer might say but that does not excuse the performer. Both commented that the interaction with both crowd and volunteers was and we quote "boring" and both thought that of the two people "hypnotised" one appeared to be "faking it". Now that is something you cannot hold against JC people will sometimes do that.

So now onto our opinion, well the show seemed very familiar to us, and the it dawned on us that for a great part of the show it was almost a wholesale rip off of The Amazing Alex's show only not performed nearly as well. We still have our original review for all to see and it is clear who did what first! Still they say "imitation is the highest form of flattery"!

Two successful volunteers from twelve starters (initial volunteers that is to say) does not make for a great show - that said according to most hypnotists the average success rate from any group is about 20% so that's on a par with that. And of course you can only work with the volunteers you are presented with.

However, we believe that the induction is rather long and boring and that this is not a very accomplished act, interestingly JC was trained by Dave Rawson who is indeed a terrific hypnotist and performer, it is our belief that Mr Rawson would not condone this kind of performance either. Article Manager module by by George! Software.