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Automotive Cyprus

Rockafellas Sunday July 5th 09
Jimmy Spender

Spender sings

Well we thought we'd try the pub again since we had several reviewers out on the strip in Protaras tonight.

Jimmy Spender is an old campaigner in Cyprus and it shows, although I cannot honestly say that his taste in music is the same as mine, he still puts in a great performance as you would expect from an artist of his longstanding. Songs from country and western to Queen kept the crowd entertained all night. The audience loved him so what more could you say really, here is my point in the making, Jimmy Spender is Jimmy Spender, not Queen, Meatloaf, Michael Jackson, Abba or any other tribute (how could I have forgotten Elvis?!) he does his own thing, puts on a great show, entertains the crowd and that's what it's all about, I only wish that other people would realise that not everybody wants to see a "tribute" especially when most are in no way a tribute to the original artist.

There is little in the way of original entertainment in truth, the hypno show is different, people like Jimmy Spender and Angela Allery put on great shows and I personally am looking forward to seeing The Outrageous Misfits and The Rock Chicks who alongside the above mentioned are at least original acts not someone pretending to be someone else. I look forward to their reviews which I believe are being done tonight, unfortunately not by me, but I still had a good time watching Mr Spender.

Nice to see a professional at work.

Now who's next?

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