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Australian Asian Gardens

Rock Chicks
Just down the strip at the Sfinx (the management’s misspelling, not mine) was….wait for it….a Tina Turner tribute! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….
Fortunately for my level of consciousness the Rock Chicks were on immediately afterwards.

The Review

I say fortunately, but before might actually have been better for me as the Sfinx is essentially an oven, decorated in stone-look hieroglyphed concrete with plenty of ornamental structures to cut down on the breeze and limited air conditioning.
With €5 for a small beer and a soft drink its not like the venue cannot afford the leccy for the aircon – I guess the just went for the original Egyptian ambience. Hot, sweaty and bring gold.

After salvoes of “one-two”s as the girls set up the microphones, they disappeared – doubtless to drink a few liters of water to tide them over for the performance in the Sfinx family sauna – and then popped up subsequently to get started.
Calling yourself “Rock Chicks” is a pretty courageous statement as with examples of the genre like Pink and, way back when, Blondie out there you are going to need to go quite a way to fit the bill. Whilst I would guess we all have different concepts of what is the archetypal rock chick, and you would probably cite different examples to mine, most likely we can all agree on something strong, gritty yet feminine and definitely sexy. Maybe like Cher dancing on the bar in the Meatloaf video for “Dead Ringer for Love” – OK its VERY eighties but for me that’s the look.
The girls did look good – and I thought briefly (being a cynic of world class standard) that a good look would probably be about all they had to offer. Standards of acts in the pubs and clubs of Protaras is not always what you might hope (for “not always” read “extremely seldom” - I’m just pretending to be diplomatic) and too often the promoters seem to be relying on bling, the holiday mood and local booze covering for these deficiencies.
Happily I was wrong – the sound was polished and strong with the presentation good and plenty of enthusiasm on and off stage, in fact this was one of the few cases I have seen where the punters looked like they actually wanted to sing along rather that having to be bullied into crooning the more familiar lyrics to avoid being picked on by the performers if they catch you not joining in on command.
The girls have that rare quality of presence and that is good – you cannot be a blasé rock chick :-)
The repertoire was good if tending a little to middle of the road – but in a family venue that is most likely the way to go. Unless you have been living down a diamond mine in Botswana for the last twenty years you would have heard something to strike a chord of memory for you in the act somewhere.

I was surprised to learn that the act has only existed in its present form for the last two months which is remarkable because whilst the act was virtually flawless for me technically. Thinking back I remember commenting to a friend that if the girls had been a 150 m.p.h. Harley Davidson, that night they were only doing 145. Perhaps they needed a touch more rock and a little less polish?
I really have puzzled over this because I hate not being able to pin this impression down, but I’m still not really sure what it was that made me feel this. Are they Divas rather than Chicks? Aren’t chicks meant to be a little raunchier, perhaps?
For sure it’s a good new act and I strongly suspect it’s only going to get better.
One thing I am sure of is that if I had been cooking under the lights on that stage rather than lurking near a window gasping for air and clutching a cold if overpriced beer, then I would have probably wanted to stand still with a full ice-bucket on my head and maybe another on each foot rather than dancing and singing with energy and presence for an hour virtually without pause. So brownie points for professionalism, too.
Plus – the only real opinion that counts at the end is the crowd. They loved them, demanding an encore without any prompting from on stage and an audience of a variety of ages and both sexes cheering the girls with an enthusiasm that many other acts would envy. Actually that ANY other act would envy.

Final word then – go see them. Really, you should and because I'd actually like to know what you think.
Then go see them again before the end of the season and we’ll get together over a beer to compare notes. I suspect we will be talking about the difference between a “great” and a “really great” act, or maybe “Wow” and “WOW” but what the heck.
We might not really need to wait until the very end of the season, but if you think I’m going to subject myself to Sfinx temperatures and prices in a globally-warmed Cyprus August - you have to be barking!

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