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The Outrageous Misfits – Not to be snored at.
“Come and review an act – I like them”
“Yeah? What do they do?”
“It’s a tribute act in a way….”


I lost track of the dialogue right there probably because I dropped the phone. For sure I woke up on the floor because tribute acts bore me to sleep. Sorry – I can’t help it.
It seems to me that if I am an Elvis fan then statements like “Cedric Cringeworthy IS Elvis” are just going to irritate, as is Cedric’s probable strangulation of my favourite tunes. Sorry but I’m 99% sure he isn’t Elvis – Elvis wasn’t going bald, Welsh and living in Ayia Napa and the sideburns just don’t fool me.
On the other hand, if I dislike Elvis, I don’t want to hear him anyway. Leastways not a whole hour of his songs rendered by some confused individual who apparently thinks he is a dead rock and roll star.
Napa and Protaras have a major thing about these acts for some reason, in some cases effectively railroading competent performers into crooning “ahuh” or “lemmejustchangethemoodaliddle” into the microphone whilst dressed unconvincingly as “The King” rather than doing their own, far more honest thing. Plus Robbie Williams, Tina Turner and all the rest.
If I go to a pub with live entertainment then I am looking for live – not a human CD player doing what amounts to themed karaoke.
If our man Cedric has a voice then let him sing what he wants as Cedric. He may want to think about changing the Cringeworthy, though.

Still, off I went to see The Outrageous Misfits who are a “Mixed Tribute Comedy Act” and thus hopefully would at least put a little spin on the tribute ball for me. My contact was reliable and he said they were very funny, but then again Welsh Elvis had made me laugh too, although probably for the wrong reasons.

When I arrived at the Ghetto Bar in Protaras the act was underway with the Blues Brothers in full swing shortly followed by the obligatory Elvis. Both Elvises in fact – pre and post hamburger addiction. The younger with a highly mobile joke wig that needed either glue or nails to keep it out of the performer’s eyes and a podgy, breathless, well past the sell-by date elder, both clearly played well over the top and unashamedly for laughs. Freddie Mercury (Queen), Roy Orbison and a duet from Elton John and George Michael were shown very little mercy and reaped plenty of laughs and good participation from the audience although a couple of the visuals were a little on the basic side.
Good voices with a lively, happy and deceptively casual delivery of what was in fact a well prepared act with frequent gags and joking with the audience that morphed a mere “tribute” act into a comic variety act that was fresh and fun.
I liked the Michel Jackson segment especially. The costume change took place on stage and ran to the very last beat of the “Thriller” introduction – perfect timing – followed by the world dodgiest moonwalk and various other Jackson moves right up to when the vocals kicked in and everything stopped.
“Well I can’t do the voice.” He said, and the show rolled straight on.
I would guess an easy 50% of the tribute acts in Napa and Protaras “can’t do the voice” either, but in the case of the Misfits - since they have their own voice and their own style – it did not matter. It was just funny.

Go see these guys and you will have fun, OK they might try to sell you one of their DVDs but no-one is perfect, which is really the ground-zero of my whole tribute related issues.
Only Elvis is Elvis – even if you cannot stand the bloke he is still unique, so various wannabees might as well stop pretending and do the songs their own way with their own style. Be a tribute to yourself and showcase your own talents.
The Outrageous Misfits do just that and have a lot of talent to showcase – and it’s fast, happy and funny experience. Enjoy :-)

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