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Australian Asian Gardens

Should We Pay Tribute to the Tributes?
This Webz - what IS he complaining about?

Lay it on me......

I dropped by to see a friend one morning is search of coffee and the latest discrete word from one of our many sources and found him hard a work on publicity materials for the many and various acts performing our neck of the woods. He is part of the bizzare other world that is the support industry of Ayia Napa and Protaras' entertainments industry.

"So you donĀ“t like Elvis then" he challenged. It may not have actually been a challenge but before coffee I take things a little to heart. Even my wife avoids me in the mornings.
"I haven`t even met him." I said, eyeying the kettle significantly and most likely entirely pointlessly. Sometimes the only way to get a coffee out of this guy is to chop off his head and stick a really long straw down his neck.
"The Elvis tributes rant on the The Outrageous Misfits review. And why Elvis particularly?"
"They seem to be the architype tribute. All over the area, throw a rock in any direction and you will probably hit an Elvis, and most likely clip a Robbie Williams on the rebound."
"They are popular entertainers - the guys are big"
"No they aren't. Elvis was big and Williams is big - and neither of them are currently performing in Cyprus regardless of what it says on your beautifully printed posters. Outside the pub it says Kylie Minogue - inside it's some chick called Wanda ripping off her repertoire in an orgy of Australian flavoured karaoke and its false. Sorry - no. Try me on Wanda Whazzat sings Kylie Minogue and I may buy but bogus Kylies need not apply and saying its a tribute rather than an impersonator is no excuse otherwise the tributes would not try to look like the stars they are tributing."
"Its not that simple, though. Performers do get shoehorned into gigs that may not be their own first choice either - could very possibly be that Wanda didn't want to dye her hair and loose five kilos either but as an alternative to pushing off back to the UK she went for it. Pub owners just want to put one of Michael Jackson's faces outside the door as a draw to punters."
"All too true - but the act is the act and we judge only what we see and say what we feel - both on-stage and in the reaction from Joe Public. Plus we are on-line so those who disagree can say so.
Wanda has to have a voice or else even as a karaoke star she would be laughed off the stage. So do some Minogue, and a little Madonna Wanda style and see how it goes. Play it for laughs maybe - Mawanda!"
"Does she have that choice?"
"Did the Misfits have that choice? They did, however, have the balls. How much do you want to be an entertainer and can you accept being a karaoke machine with long legs? If you are cool with the latter its a valid choice but I'm hardly going to praise you for it because whatever you do - Kylie does it better. Whatever your abilities are you just turned yourself into an also-ran."
"And yet its still not their fault"
"I don't blame them. But it's not about blame. I seldom if ever slam anyone as an individual, you have to be dreadful! I respect that it takes balls to get up there and perform. You are offering yourself for criticism as well as congratulation. If it's an act that secretly even you as the performer think bad then those balls need to be even bigger. I know it's only pub entertainment, but for me it should be bright, original and live. The talent is here - maybe we would draw more punters if it was exploited to the full rather that just shows churned out based on the same old same old."
"You are probably dreaming"
"I probably am but there it is." Article Manager module by by George! Software.