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Lookers - Who Else?

Kartanas Restaurant – Chewing it Over.
Kartanas restaurant, or rather restaurants, are in Pernera, next to Protaras that we all know and love, on the road down to the beach that passes New Wave Tattoo (review forthcoming). It’s a great place to sit and watch the waves in the winter.

In the zone

In the summer it’s something of a riot zone so I do not visit so often. At the prompting of a friend I dropped in to sample the hub of the growing Kartanas chain of venues.
These hard working guys started with very little and now own Kartanas, the Mexican Speedy Gonzales Restaurant (love that name :-) ) and the previously excellent* Konfukios (Confucius) Chinese restaurant.

Kartanas is cool, airy and mostly open plan and even offers the chance for you to enjoy your munchies under a tree – which is no mean feat in that particular area and is something I used to love doing in Larnaka before they destroyed the Finigouthes beach area by smothering it with red stamped concrete.
Kartanas’ staff were quick and polite although the waiter seemed to still be getting to grips with the job and initially scrambled but subsequently corrected our drinks orders when the alert barperson tumbled to the error.
I had my daughter with us who immediately spotted the massive bouncy slides at the back of the restaurant where they have what looks like a small chill-out area with sofas and easy chair rather than tables which was a great idea. My daughter went berserk with joy and had to be dragged to the table when the munchies arrived. Generous portions, well presented….but

Here is my issue. The spare ribs tasted like just like the buffalo wings and both tasted and felt just like they had been deep fried in order to reheat them. Bummer. Likewise my daughter - a paste freak on any other day–refused to touch her spaghetti with meatballs because the pasta “tasted funny” but shared double-fried buffalo wings with another member of our party.
We opted to skip desert as that would have pushed the meal into the hyper calorie zone and so, well fed but just a tad disappointed, we headed home.

If we assume that the chef – like the waiter – was still finding his feet, then that may explain the issues with the food and time may improve things but for now I have to say that you should go to Kartanas if you have kids and want to enjoy a few drinks, but if you plan to eat – then you will have to do without me.

*Note that “previously excellent” refers to the fact that I have not sampled its munchies within the last ten days (ECy ten day rule) nor since the change of management – I hope they are still as excellent as they once were. Someone go eat there and tell me, please.
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