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Chilling in Xylofagu
A few words from Ceri in said village about a band in that neck of the woods - we hear they are good and we welcome the review :-)

Thoughts from Ceri

Went to the Chill Bar in Xylafagou last night (6th Nov) to see a live Classic Rock and Blues Band called Echo. (I believe they play there regularly)
It was a female vocalist and male guitarist and vocalists. The packed audience were a mix of English and Cypriot and the atmosphere was electric.

The band were excellent. The first set they did was mainly blues and they played songs like Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore, plus some other blues classics by BB King and the like. (Nice to see someone playing good blues, it’s rare to find here in Cyprus)

The second set was classic rock and there were loads of people up and dancing to Alright Now, Smoke on the Water and Sex on Fire to name but a few. I believe they are playing there again on January 1st but we were advised to book even though it is free entrance.

Has anyone seen this band before or do they know where they are playing next?”
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