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Bon Jovi & U2 in Ayia Napa? Be Serious!
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Following o­n from an earlier editorial, I have just read in the Cyprus Weekly that BOTH Bon Jovi and U2 will be playing a FREE concert in Ayia Napa.


Call me cynical but I simply dont believe it, ok it's free so you've got nothing to lose but a quick search o­n the net and guess what? Can't find a single reference to the fact that two of the most famous bands in the world are appearing together and it's free!!!!

Sounds fishy to me, now it maybe a tribute band but even if that's the case the Cyprus Weekly still has a lot to answer for and I'll be phoning them o­n Monday to get their story.

They already had bad press in their own paper last week over the Cyprus Splash fiasco so I'm looking forward to the phone call........

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