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The Season Hots Up
(Read: 2215 times)

So the season finally hots up

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The Sad passing of Luther Vandross
(Read: 1695 times)

This weekend - Jul 04, 2005 - saw the sad passing of Soul Legend Luther Vandross.

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Senso Cafe
(Read: 4040 times)

Senso - New Cafe for Paralimni

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Sly & the Way of the DJ
(Read: 1938 times)

Geeky or no, that phone has a ringer like the airhorn o­n a really big Mercedes truck, but with higher pitch and worse vibrato. Needless to say, it o­nly ever rings when I am asleep.

Life is like that – or at least mine is.

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The Gist of the Matter
(Read: 1579 times)

ECy has the pleasure of being based in the Ayia Napa area of eastern Cyprus - actually we are just down the road in Paralimni - but we keep an eye on Cyprus as a whole. (Lets face it, its not exactly a massive island!)

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Simply Simon
(Read: 2100 times)

So Saturday night, another stroll down the Protaras strip found me being drawn into Fools & Horses by the comedic talents of Simon.

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Protaras is Pumping
(Read: 2063 times)

So here we are at the height of the season and I'm very pleased to say that a stroll through Protaras last night shows it to be alive and kicking.

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Paralimni's annual tennis tournament
(Read: 1888 times)

June 25th 2006 sees the start of the of the Paralimni tennis tournament, a national competition for 18 year olds and under.

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Old Club - New Club
(Read: 1841 times)

New Club Old Club Ho Hum

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Michael Jackson
(Read: 1802 times)

Thanks God it's finally over.....I am an innocent man...really?

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English style Munchies!
(Read: 1795 times)

Keep an eye on this one.....opening soon a genuine, English Fayre establishment in the Kapparis area, boasting Pie, Mash & liquor plus other English standards!

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Eden Square
(Read: 1779 times)

A review.

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(Read: 1994 times)

Upcoming at Club Ice

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(Read: 2100 times)

DA ILL KIDZ return

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Cyprus Splash 2005
(Read: 1666 times)

Cyprus Splash Event

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Clubs kicking
(Read: 2088 times)

Napa's Clubs are Kicking!

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Bon Jovi & U2 in Ayia Napa? Be Serious!
(Read: 7068 times)

Following o­n from an earlier editorial, I have just read in the Cyprus Weekly that BOTH Bon Jovi and U2 will be playing a FREE concert in Ayia Napa.

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Ayia Napa Clubs
(Read: 1661 times)

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Close of 2005
(Read: 1631 times)

So the Season 2005 is just about over and it's time to reflect, Love Boat went out with a big bang playing host to several acts for their final party night and very good it was too.

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Ross Neil - A real diamond!
(Read: 2559 times)

A stroll in Protaras just to see how the end of season is going and I found a little gem.

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26 - 45 of 45 Articles
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