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Lookers - Who Else?

Get in on the Act!

Get in on the Act!

ECy is made the place where the Lookers crew live and have their being - and since neither of them can look at a keyboard without their fingers twitching, once in a while the addiction is too much to resist

Recognising the needs of fellow keyboard junkies, ECy draws on a multiplicity of sources for content to get a good spread of opinions on a diversity of subjects.

This means - you are in! 

Anything you want to contribute, we want to read as long as it fits in with a few basic guidelines:

Fair Comment

You want to slag someone off?  Go buy a megaphone.

Opinions differ and so feel free to disagree - BUT

  1. Be reasonable - OK it sux but we need to know why.  Likewise if you think the Ford Escort is the only car worth driving, fine.  But why?
  2. Make it read well - no one needs boring and we will not ghost write dull.
  3. Accurate - Get the facts straight and tell the world if you are speculating or spinning theories.  These are cool too - just don't paint them as facts
  4. Be prepared to answer others who disagree with you.

Recent Information

No ancient history - we draw the line at ten days for an act or a venue.

People can have off days, get uppity and stop trying or or else get their act together once in a while - so we want this weeks news.

The ten day rule applies - after that we lose interest  :-)

First Hand Information

I came, I saw, I boogied by butt off.

This is OK for us and we want to know.

If someone else did the aforementioned - get them to write the article  :-)


Declare an Interest

Want to review your brother in law's restaurant?  Fine. 

But we do expect to know about the relationship. 

It may not invalidate your opinion, it just qualifies it.


Webz says that he knows how copy and paste works both by keyboard and right-click so do not feel the need to demonstrate the phenomenon for him.

As poster, you are responsible for articles that will bear your name so don't pinch 'em and lay them on us - OK?

Editorial Control

Two words - It's ours.

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