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Broken down into simple categories is the index of entertainers and venues on ECy. 

If you cannot find what you need then contact and we'll look for you.

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Helmet Diving
Helmet Diving

Undersea Adventures

Where to Go:
  • Sports Venues

Take the opportunity to explore the amazing undersea world the easy way. 
As you stroll along the seabed in 10ft of clear turquoise water, not only can you observe the sea life as it
swims around you but you can hand feed the fish!
There is a constant supply of fresh air pumped into the helmet and there is no restricting regulator or snorkel in your mouth to cause any feeling of discomfort or anxiety. Your head stays dry and you can even reach in to touch your face or adjust your glasses.

Undersea Adventures

The Only One in Cyprus
No lessons and no need to swim - only a swimsuit, towel and a spirit of adventure.

Grab your swimsuit and towel and get ready to take a walk on the wild side!


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Agency: Entertainment Cyprus
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